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I need information on Dolphin Super Skiff Pro 16.

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Brother Pacesetter PS700 Sewing & Quilting Machine Review

Many sewers out there like to customize each project with their touch and for all of them, Brother pacesetter PS700 sewing and quilting machine is an ideal machine. This is the best Brother sewing machine
you can have on your desk to prepare professional dresses. If you are an expert seamstress or a stitching fan then this sewing machine has so much to offer you.

If you are looking for the kind of sewing machine that must be affordable in terms of prices and reliable in performance then choose this model. Here are the most amazing key features of this sewing machine to help you in determining whether this model is suitable for your professional needs or not?

Key Features:

Here are some of the most important key features of Brother Pacesetter PS700 sewing and quilting machine.

Built-in Features:

Brother pacesetter PS700 sewing and quilting machine is one of the most reliable, durable and advanced feature machines. This model has come up with 180 built-in stitches, 40 combinable stitches, 5 sewing lettering fonts, and 10 one-step buttonholes. These built-in stitches are of great help when you want to prepare something out of the box or when you are trying to experiment with designs.

Jam-Resistance Quick-set Top Drop-in Bobbin:

In some of the sewing models from different brands, after a year this problem may come to the surface where you can see rust in the bobbins as well as jamming problem. Brother sewing machines are always reliable and work for the longest time. This model has jam resistance top drop-in bobbin where you just have to pull the thread through the process, trim and start your work. There is no need to delay work just because fixing bobbin is hard.

Automatic Needle Threading System:

What if you are new to the sewing world and now this is a big problem for you to thread whole sewing machine? Especially when you are using manual sewing machines where no automatic system is available in machines, you can go through many difficulties. Brother’s sewing machines are computerized, smart and efficient in terms of performance. This model has come up with an automatic needle threading system, just pull the lever and sewing machine will do the rest of the work.

Easy Bobbin Winding System:

There was a time when our mothers and grandmothers used to wind bobbins by hand and they never knew when the thread will end. Now in modern sewing machines like Brother Pacesetter PS700 sewing and quilting sewing machine, bobbin system has come up with the transparent cover to let the user know when thread inside bobbin is getting over.

This sewing model has a lever through which you can wind several bobbins at one time. This fast and efficient system can make your work easy and you will be able to fix bobbins one after another in case you are running out of thread.

Brightly LED Working Area:

In some of the sewing machines where the LED light system is not available, sewer can't work in the dark as it can put great pressure on eyes. Brother pacesetter PS700 sewing and quilting machine has brightly LED working area to help sewers in working at night. The system is quite intense and powerful that it can illuminate the whole area and you can also keep an eye on stitching quality. It will also help your eyes in eliminating any kind of pressure.

This model is the best sewing machine for beginners and you can see this buying guide
for more information about other sewing machine models too.

Feed Dogs:

This sewing machine has come up with different sewing dogs to simplify work and to bring professionalism in your work. These feed dogs include buttonhole foot, button fitting foot, zipper foot, overcasting foot, monogramming foot, zigzag foot, quilting foot, blindstitch foot, walking foot, open toe foot, non-stick foot, adjustable piping foot and stitch guide foot.

All these feet are amazing and it can make your work easier. If you are working with leather or any fabric that can stick to the sewing machine, you can use the non-stick foot to keep your stitching and sewing setting smooth without pulling garment.

Sewing Speed:

Most of the sewers get tired because their sewing machine is not able to provide fast stitching and they can’t complete work quickly. Brother always manufacture sewing machine after keeping people’s requirement in mind and how their work can be simplified by machine? Brother pacesetter PS700 is an ideal match for the beginner as it can provide 800 stitches per minute.

If you are attempting simple or intermediate project then you can finish it in a few hours and there is no need to waste your whole day. This sewing machine is reliable so stitching quality will be perfect too.


Other than main features, this sewing machine has come up with other functions as well like bright LCD display, knee lifter, wide table, speed control, workspace area, needle position key, adjustable presser foot pressure, adjustable screen brightness, built-in languages, quilting stitches, free-motion quilting foot, drop-feed and much more.

All these functions are necessary to help you with sewing at the professional level. You don’t have to invest in sewing accessories other than these. These accessories are enough to help you in preparing basic and intermediate sewing projects without any problem. This sewing model has everything you were dreaming of finding at one platform.


Brother Pacesetter PS700 sewing and quilting machine are one of the ideal and best-selling models of this brand. Usually, sewers stay confused all the time about what they should choose to get the best results but they always end up with the wrong model. You can also take some help from
basic sewing machine reviews to know about features. Always decide between buying a sewing machine after determining your working needs.

If you are unclear about what projects you will attempt on the sewing machine or what kind of projects you can do in the beginning then you won’t be able to pick the right one for you.
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I had one built in 2000. Great solid skiff, poles great and takes rough water great. The downsides: very tippy, so if you‘re putting your non fishing wife onboard she may not like it. In rough water if you make a mistake you’ll stuff the bow. Other than that it’s a very fishy skiff.
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