Hydrofoils - are they worth it?

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by Rooster, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Rooster

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    I have a Towee Boats RiverMaster 16 (around 200 lbs.) with a Honda 15 on it. Frankly, it seems that I need "just a little bit more" to get the boat up on a nice plane. I see a lot of hydrofoils pictured on different boats & am wondering if they deliver definite performance improvements, or do you guys find (those that use them) that you have put them on and see not that much difference? I have looked at the Bass catalogue and they show a few that you can clamp on (I loath drilling holes in my gear) - are those worth anything> Any suggestions in this area, and "why" I see a lot of hydrofoils used, but manufacturers not putting them on in the basic design???
  2. Brett

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    It's an add on that compensates for improper loading
    and allows planing speeds at lower rpms, previous posts...


    The anti-ventilation plate is made from cast aluminum.
    Make it too wide and it begins to develop loads that will flex it.
    Over time that repeated flexing will result in the a-v plate snapping off.
    That's my thought as to why the outboard manufacturers
    don't make the a-v plates wider.

    It appears that even the foils can snap the a-v plate also. :eek:


  3. bermuda

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    I put one on my SUV and it was like night and day difference - the boat fly's now. I used the one with the clamp that doesn't require drilling - the clamp also kinda reinforces the aluminum part it mounts to offering more strength imo.
  4. unknownbbq2

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    i put one on a 15 horse yamaha on my gheenoe lt25. i was looking to be able to run alittle bit more shallow.I used the one the bolts into the cavitation plate. I didnt really notice a lot of differance when getting on plane although there was nowhere near the same amount of bow rise so i guess that it did help alittle with getting on plane faster but i felt that it made the boat run a bit slower once wide open than without it. But it also made my boat run alot shallower. are they worth it.... not to me i took it off but try it out its the only way you'll find out for sure.
  5. noeettica

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    I use foils and am pleased with the Results ....
  6. topnative2

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    they are cheap substitiute for trim tabs but they work
    gets the bow down when ur underpowered
    and all is well