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Hydraulic steering or not?

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So I am debating on getting hydraulic steering on my new 16ft Skimmer Skiff with 50hp Tohatsu. It will cost an additional 745$ with tilt steering. Not sure if it is worth it. I really like the idea of the tilt steering helm. What is everyone's opinion?

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Do it now while it's easier to install. You'll want it eventually anyway.

Had cable steering originally with my Mercury 60. Wasn't too bad at first but became messy with the grease and started getting sticky to steer. Engine is mounted on an Atlas jack plate with four-blade Mercury prop.

Bought a U-Flex system as replacement (no tilt available for my side console application) but had to fabricate a couple adaptor rings to compensate for the larger console mounting hole. Came together finally and the mount is rock solid. Have found the higher base unit negates the need for tilt as I can stand and easily steer when needed. It was a pricey upgrade and fair amount of man hours, but I definitely don't regret it.
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