Hull paint flaking

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    A previous owner had this hull painted for whatever reason and from the flakes of paint that are coming off it appears that the factory gelcoat was simply sprayed over. It has some trash in the paint that is starting to oxidize, probably road trash or brake dust. Right now the paint flaking is contained to under the rolled gunnel and only in the back of the boat.

    Long story short, I don't really give a shit. I'm not trying to win any beauty pageants. My only concern is problems developing later on down the road that could compromise the hull. Can I just let the paint flake or do I need to flip this stupid thing upside down, scrape it all off and start over?


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    In the long run, you probably should get all the old paint off.  If the old paint flakes and bubbles, it will allow water to be retained against the gel coat.  Next the gel coat will bubble.  This doesn't happen over night, but if you plan to keep the boat for more than a few years, it's something that will happen.  I just finished a restoration on a 1971 Aquasport flatback, and it had just the problem I've described.