SOLD/EXPIRED Hull for Hull Trade

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by OSWLD, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. OSWLD

    OSWLD Don't Float the Mainstream

    After flippin my boat for the second time last night, losing abot $900 worth of gear, i think its time to get a bigger boat to bolt my 40 to. I want a Super16. This is definitely the right deal for the right person but i figured i throw it out there.

    I'm wanting to trade my classic hull in cluding center sonsole w/baitwell, false floor, low front deck, fresh paint, fresh int. gel, LED's, all electrical for a Super in any condition. Extras in cluding cushions, platforms, TM mount, throttle, steering, etc. will depend on the Super's condition. I'm wheeling to wheel and deal. Not looking for an LT or a HS. I can't afford another spill. :eek:
  2. firecat1981

    firecat1981 BBA Counselor

    wow man sorry to hear it. I don't have a trade, nor am looking for one, but what about other types of boats? Might be someone with something interesting outside the gheenoe relm?

  3. rkmurphy

    rkmurphy Well-Known Member

    Did you get to use your new life jacket? ;D

    In all seriousness, sorry about what happened. I know you worked hard on it.

    I've seen this boat in person and it's by far the nicest Classic I've seen. This guy is a pro!
  4. B.Lee

    B.Lee Well-Known Member

    After the last incident, did you look into insuring your rig?  A decent policy would cover your lost gear for replacement cost.

    Sucks to lose your stuff, but getting a check to go replace it all makes it all better!

  5. Tom_C

    Tom_C Well-Known Member

    After flipping your boat for the second time, have you ever thought about a pontoon boat.
  6. OSWLD

    OSWLD Don't Float the Mainstream

    unfortunately i wasn't wearing the mustang, but i should have been cuz this time i was wide open when i flipped and hit my head on my casting platform then sucked in about a gallon of river water. luckily my friends were right behind to help me.

    But i took that stupid whale tail off. I think between that and just too much power is causing it to torque roll to the left and flipping in the right (or wrong) situation.

    And no Tom, i'd rather flip my boat once a month than own a 'toon. ;)
  7. Capt Dan Medina

    Capt Dan Medina Well-Known Member

    wow, thats nuts! I love the pic of your boat in the sig and always think how crazy it is that you had a 40 on it.... would you sell it as is without the motor and for how much?
  8. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    A 'Toon Holds More "Chicks" ;D
  9. hardin083

    hardin083 Well-Known Member

    Damn james that sux.. and you were just fixin your cowling the day before..  its funny how i was lookin at your 40hp Saturday in the parking lot thinkin thats what i need on my classic, but maybe not after this!!  I would agree that its definately time for a bigger noe for you!!  I went to the shop last week and was lookin at that 18' they made and it looks pretty sweet.. but a super's probly a better match for a 40hp.
  10. mark_gardner

    mark_gardner I Love!

    sorry to hear about your wreck oswald. so you gonna give us the details? you say it just rolled over on ya while your candles were lit huh??
  11. brew1891

    brew1891 Well-Known Member

    just sell me your motor...problem solved