How to use your DSLR - Adjust Settings for better quality

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    There are a couple "need to do" seetings on the Nikon.  Before you start any of these steps you need to place your camera in Manual, or "M" on the dial.  These steps are for the D3000.  They work great on any Nikon, but the process may be a little different

    First is multiple frames a second.  This allows you to take several pictures a second by just holding the button down.  This is how you get your jump shots, or kids that never slow down.  Also when taking fish pictures it gives you more to work with.  The more pics you take the more you can choose from later as your winning pic.  If you only want to take one picture you can just push the button once.

    Shooting Menu (the camera logo)
    Release Mode
    Select Continuous

    Next setting is your white balance.
    Shooting Menu
    White Balance
    Cloudy,(Press OK twice, you don't need to adjust anything on the color menu)

    Image Quality-  Once you really get into editing switch up to RAW format.  But for now JPEG Fine is great for everything.  It will allow you to crop your picture and still have everything in Hi-Res.

    Shooting Menu
    Image Quality
    JPEG Fine

    Color Spread-  This gives you the really Vivid colors.

    Shooting Menu
    Set Picture Control
    Vivid, (Push right arrow)
    Quick Adjust, (Push right arrow untill the block is over the plus)

    This is a must do if you plan on doing any nature photography!  Turing off the beep.  I have had deer walk right up to me, and every time I took a piture the deer looked at me.  Turn it off and they will be less likely to spook.

    Setup Menu (the wrench)