how to mount battery in front, no false floor

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    I have done extensive searching, here and the internet.  I want my 45 pound deep cycle battery up front under the deck area of my IPB 14.  No false floor and floor isn't flat.  A few here have used the PVC wood from Home Depot for a base.  I still have reservations about the battery staying secure and not getting airborne in choppy conditions.  Some say the PVC board doesn't hold screws well.

    Pics and advice welcome!  Also, advice on cutting a board to follow the curve and contour of the floor.  I have tried taping a pencil to a scrap small board and scribing a larger board to follow the curve of the floor.  It's ok but not exact.
  2. Travisloyd07

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    What about putting it in a battery box? You could use wood on one side to help level it.

  3. springerscott

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    I have come up with a plan using starboard and aluminum plate, working on it at night, should be done soon and will try to post pics. It should be bulletproof
  4. I would glass in a piece of 1/2" marine grade plywood; or glass in a piece of glass with wood bracing.
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    I would use glass and wood as well. The glass to hull will be solid - gluing starboard is a difficult task.

    Build a platform with sides out of wood, glass it in and put a strap over the battey.