How to Clean my Nikon D3000?

Discussion in 'Photo Hut' started by paint it black, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. paint it black

    paint it black Paddling away...

    So there's a lot of sand on my camera.
    How do I clean it off?
    I'm afraid to change lenses and have some sand fall inside the camera.
    There's sand on it from taking it on our bonefish beach adventures.
    Somehow along the way it got peppered with sand.
    It's not a lot, but in little corners and stuff there's sand.
  2. skinny_water

    skinny_water Well-Known Member

    clean DRY toothbrush on everything but the glass. Once you Majority of it nocked off you can pull the Lens off and wipe down the attachment ring.

    Watch for rust on the screws next to the eye pieces. Mine already started. Mostly my fault because it has gotten wet no less than 3 times......

  3. Canoeman

    Canoeman Well-Known Member

    Do not use compressed air. It will drive the sand further into the camera. Use the brush as SW suggested.
  4. paint it black

    paint it black Paddling away...

    Sounds good.
    I will have to do this today.
    It's driving me crazy.
  5. Un-shore

    Un-shore Well-Known Member

    i found that a new make up brush works good. Not sure what the brush is called but it is the one the wimmins use to powder their face with. It is about 3/4" - 1" diameter and really soft.