How much do you hate people?

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    Want to hate them more?  :mad:


    Over ten thousand pieces of shark fins are dried on the rooftop of a factory building in Hong Kong January 2, 2013. Local sales of the luxurious gourmet food have fallen in recent years due to its controversial nature, but activists demand a total shark fin ban in the city, labelled by some as the shark fin capital of the world. The fins were shipped from an unknown location and unloaded at a nearby pier to be dried on the rooftop.
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    Updated Hate List :

    Gill Netters
    Comercial Shrimpers
    Long Liners
    Lousiana Guides that keep 200 fish a trip.
    People anchored and fishing in the main channel
    :mad:Chinese shark fishers :mad:

  3. Bissell

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    I hate jack asses that either A, pull up to my spot, close enough I could sling a topwater on their deck and B, that run anything closer than 50 yards from me when I'm fishing.. D!cks..
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    If I ever own a yacht she'll be named "Miss Anthrope"!