How difficult is impeller change on 15 HP motor?

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by jwarren, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. jwarren

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    I picked up a 96 Merc 15 HP and the guy I bought from said it needs new impeller. Right now the shops are way backed up and I don't want to wait. Problem is there is little on Google with step by step instructions and the general ones vary. I'm concerned that there are special tools I'll need and tricks to resetting everything once I replace it. Thoughts??
  2. DuckNut

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    Real easy, no special tools required.

    One tip/trick is when putting on impeller flange over impeller, rotate it while installing. I believe I have to rotate mine counterclockwise because the shaft rotates clockwise. By rotating it it allows the impeller to bend in the right direction.

  3. timemachine

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    I would take DuckNuts advice and have at it. It seems to me that every boater would be better off if they could change their own impeller, and do a few other things, like cleaning out the carbs, plugs, lower oil. I've never had an outboard that needs oil changes, but maybe that too.
  4. marshman

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    My mechanic says that if all the average joe boaters knew his to change impellers, and clean/rebuild carbs, he'd probably have to go out of business.. That's over half his business, and his money makers for sure.. 15 minute jobs @ $65/hour labor.. And his labor is cheap compared to most boat mechanics...