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    Not to derail but anybody Fishing Monday, the 11th and need someone to pole you around?
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    Report for Greens Bay from the 2nd and 3rd of December: Water off color, sight casting limited to wakes, bait busting, and occasional tail.

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    It was a big pod tailing in shallows but the water was clear, I could see redfish follow the redfish I had hooked. Greens was really murky last time I went but that was thanksgiving weekend. I went in and straight to the right to that first bayou, went all the way to the back past the second lake.

    The closer you get to San Luis, the clearer the water. Those back bays get pretty murky sometimes but some tributaries can be crystal.

    I would say put in at Bastrop. A lot of places to fish, the shell has been really really hot right now.
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    It's like a 20 minute run from Mark's Marina to Christmas Bay?
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    Depends how fast you go, me going full throttle takes about 15 minutes to Bastrop, but if youre going to christmas I would put in here;

    515 Amigo Ln, Freeport, TX 77541

    I have put in here multiple times. The people are super cool there. Churchill is fun, if you want a good time hit Cold Pass when the tide is roaring out (only when its moving fast), this time of year I would throw suspended like corkies or crazy croakers. Nothing is more fun then getting smoked by a big trout there.
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    Probably. It is pretty straight forward but there are several areas where you could hit reefs if your 20 feet over one direction or the other from where you should be.

    The water in Bastrop Bay will get gin clear in the winter as will West G Bay.
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    Has anyone been to lower Canyon Lake to fly fish for rainbow trout? Im going up this weekend to fish and camp but don't really know any good spots to go. I know I'll probably throw a euro balloon double nymph rig, anyone recommend any flies too? I really like the look of a zug bug but I don't know if thats natural occurring.

    Sublime is 100% right, the waterways are tight and unforgiving