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  1. Brett

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    Here was a hull built in Homestead, Florida
    that turned heads at the ramp. They were fast
    and cut through the Biscayne Bay chop like a knife.


    and apparently the hull molds were bought by Carolina Skiff
    to produce the SeaChaser models...

  2. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Thanks for posting Brett! I liked the old 14' Hoog... heavy, but for it's size what a boat. My understanding is that Not all the molds went to Carolina Skiff. I will need to investigate further.

  3. Brett

    Brett > PRO STAFF <

    Hoog 14

    1987 Hoog 14
    It took awhile but one finally turned up on craigslist
    here are the pics:




  4. Nick_Nickolson

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    HOOG?!?!?!?!  That's where I started my screen name.  I got turned to the internet back in 1996 and my buddy said "You need a screen name and password.  Well I had never had a thought on the subject, so I picked my first name and at that time my BOAT!!!!  A 1991 14' Hoog!!  I bought the boat in 1994 so the hull was only three years old.  It had a 1984 50 Johnson Seahorse on the stern.  I didn't have a speedo or GPS back then, but I used to guesstamate my speed by the cars going down a stretch of US 1 and the intracoastal  in Tequesta.  You could see the cars going down the highway.  I always guesed about 45-50 mph's.

    Not that I wanted too...I had to sell it due to the need for money after the two back to back hurricanes in '04...Thank you insurance company.   :mad:  It was a hell of a boat and I still miss it today.

    It was my understanding that Mr. Hoog (forgot his first name) wanted out of S. Florida and moved up to S. Carolina and started a boat company called Tri-Star.  Those boats  where more like todays bay boat with higher gunnels.  Not sure what happened to him or the line, but I remember seeing them advertised in FS for a couple of years after his move.

    Here are some pics of when I was trying to sell it:

  5. B.Lee

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    How common could the idea of those strakes that go all the way up be? Add some length, rework the sides...maybe...

    Lake and Bay 20 Boca Grande

  6. Nick_Nickolson

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    I actually saw my old Hoog today. :eek: The guy that bought it was having a yard sale and I pulled over and pretended to look at HER stuff. She had dolls al over it and sad to say she was in rough shape. He added a Bimini top and a couple of rod holders and it looked like it hadn't moved in quite some time. Brought a tear to my eye. :'( :mad: If anybody is interested in it, give me a ring and I'd be more that happy to see if he wanted to sell it. Might need to re-power or re-do the lower unit. Motor had oil stains dripping down the skeg.
  7. MBHouston

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    My dad still owns a mid-80's Hoog 16 he bought new from Hoog. My pop owned a bait shop called Me and Dad's, or something along those lines in Homestead and sold a few Hoog boats there in the mid-80's.

    After 25 some-odd years, a crack formed in the hull after a particularly hard landing off a wave. He had a buddy completely tear down and rebuild the boat and repower it. I posted a few photos of my dad's boat after it was repowered and re-glassed on a Hoog Flickr group. I had forgotten about that Flickr group until I just googled "Hoog Boats" and stumbled across it. https://www.flickr.com/groups/846592@N22/
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