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Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by Fuzzy_Bruce, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Fuzzy_Bruce

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    You'll have to excuse the following rant!

    I have an ECC Gladesmen with the 9.9 Honda motor. I seriously wanted to sell this but when a serious buyer came along, the motor wouldn't start for the test ride.

    Lost out on the sale! After spending hours on the maintinece, I decided to change the plugs. they were a little black ( read fouled)

    Off to the Honda website to see where the dealers where, called to see what time they opened. Head over, see my motor on the floor, and they don;t have the plugs I need. Head to the other Honda dealer and they don't have what I need either.

    Web searches show that the spark plugs cost upwards of $10 each!!

    WTF??? Senso plugs have no replacement parts?

    Went to NAPA, Auto Zone, And other auto parts store and couldn't find a replacement plug!

    Guess it's iternet sales for me even though I like to spend money locally.
  2. Brett

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    Righteous rant!
    No excuse needed.

  3. marshman

    marshman just try to follow me....i dare ya...

    merc plugs are sold everywhere !!

    ;D ;D ;D ;D...sorry...couldnt help myself....

    hope it works out for ya..
  4. Jacbo

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    Here's a denso to NGK cross reference.
    If you can find your plug in NGK it might be easier to find locally, A lot of people prefer NGK plugs.

    Btw, If your fouling plugs trying to start your motor I would give the carb a once over. I remember my old honda (my first real outboard) would get gummed up real quick, like 1-2 weeks If I left gas in it. The motor was built really well, even the hardware was top notch, but the carb was the weak link.
  5. Frank_Sebastian

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    I recently had to order OMC plugs as I couldn't buy them locally. I should say wouldn't (dealer had them for a small ransom) I could buy them at both local auto parts stores and Wal-Mart until recently. I bought 10 of them to hold shipping cost down and intend to do the same for other plugs from now on.
  6. Fuzzy_Bruce

    Fuzzy_Bruce Well-Known Member

    Well, I found some plugs today at a local shop.

    I still gotta rant a bit, though. You'd think the NGK plugs were gold or platnium instead of standard plugs for 10 bucks a pop. Did all kinds of web searching and all of the plugs are/must be gold plated.

    Found an ebay store that sold the plugs for 5 bucks each but the shipping and handling was $14!! What a rip for a few ounces of postage and only a couple a states away.

    I really like the Honda motor but the parts and service will set a body back a bit.

    Well it looks like a weekend trip is in the making, swamps if windy and Flamingo maybe. Once the test trip is done, look for the bump of my offer to sell! Time for a new boat.