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Homestead Snook Challenge

September 5th & 6th 2008

“Biggest Snook Wins $1000.00”

Early Entry fee $150.00 per person

Captains Meeting & Awards Night to be held at

Don’s Bait & Tackle

Friday & Saturday Nights at 7 PM

2nd Place & 3rd Place Trophies by Sean Calendar

Entry Forms at Don’s Bait & Tackle and Dalton’s Marine Supply.

This is the Second of Three Events to be held in 2008. The Grand Prize of a Terrapin Skiff Tiller Version Hull will be awarded at the Homestead Slam Challenge to be held on November 15th & 16th 2008 by a drawing of all the anglers who participate in all of the events. Participation in all three events not needed to win the boat, but advisable. Terrapin Skiff give-away is based on 50 angler entries per tournament. If the required angler entries are not meet further events will determine when the skiff drawing will be held. Angler names will continue to be compiled. Prize money is also based on 20 angler entries. This is a no-frills no-thrills tournament. Just good food, cold drinks and tall stories told among good friends.

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