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    I have recently been given a 1958 molded plywood HOMES BOATWORKS 18FT GULF FISHERMAN (a deep/wide runabout, which was designed for gamefishing The Gulf of Mexico) on a heavy-duty trailer to restore.
    The Gulf Fisherman 18 will be repaired, refinished, reupholstered and when completed will be powered by a pair of 1958 OMC 35HP outboards.

    That kind gift from a friend makes me even more interested than I was previously to gather all the remaining information that still exists about the fine-quality saltwater fishing boats that were built in wood & fiberglass by ROBERT CECIL HOLMES & his son between the mid 1950s and the early 1970s. I intend to create a HOMES BOATS REGISTRY, presuming that I am able to gather sufficient info for such a registry.
    (According to Mr. Holmes Jr., essentially all of the factory records were restored by fire about 1990.)

    IF anyone reading this comment owns, previously owned and/or has any information (such as photos, brochures, photos or other information)  related to HOLMES BOATS or the HOLMES BOATWORKS, PLEASE email me at: texasnative46@gmail.com

    THANK YOU for reading this.
    yours, satx
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