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  1. Canoeman

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    Here's a link to a project Hobie for sale in Jacksonville. I've seen a few in the past, and it's kind of an interesting boat.
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    Since this is not a For Sale thread by a forum member I have no issues with letting members know the following.

    These are cool little skiffs but you need to do your homework. When built by "Hobie" they were fairly well built. But when it was built by another company, it is my understanding they had some issues. I was told by a reliable source that Hobie had to buy it back to protect the name. That said, a careful hull inspection should reveal the obvious.

    Someone is going to get a neat skiff.

  3. rockycreek1216

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    my family has one of these boats but made by sabalos.... has a 50hp suzuki . only problem is that when its on the trailer and the jack is to high , a little gas comes to the back of it
  4. rockycreek1216

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    I'll get pictures up as soon as i find the cord to my camera
  5. dscott

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    On the overall these are good little boats -

    I have owned one Hobie and one Wagner. Wagner (out of Bradenton) made them for about ten years as a special order hull from the original Hobie molds. I heard that Wagner recently sold the molds to a company in California who is going to put them back production.

    On an older Hobie like this watch for separation at the transom and waterlogged foam. Pretty much the same issues you would be looking for in an older Whaler.

  6. snark

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    I owned a Hobie-built PowerSkiff powered by a Yamaha 50. Fantastic boat. I was getting ready to have one custom built by Omni when then owned the brand in Orlando. A week before I was to put a down payment on the boat (pre-construction) they closed production. I luckily found Hobie-built that was at a sailboat store in Orlando. I had sat behind their store unpowered and unsold for a couple of years. I snapped it up. Sold it and regretted it. I think a company in Pensacola is producing the boat now.