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New to here, and new to Florida! Been in Florida about a year now. 3 months ago, bought a 21' Walkaround cuddy, only been able to go out in it once due to weather. But, was wanting a shallow water boat for the backwater and shallow intracoastal areas. Two days ago had this pop up for sale, was listed 5 minutes before I went to get it!

I plan to build in out level on the inside, with about 2-3 inches of sidewall left. (I don't like just flat decks to edge of boat, afraid I'd not pay attention fighting a fish and fall over haha). That way we have plenty of storage. I wanted a tri-hull style, or close to one also all fiberglass over aluminum. Sold the trailer it was on 10 minutes after getting it back to the house and that paid for the skiff. I plan on adding in additional floatation foam in most of the areas unused. I've never built one before, but my father-in-law has built a couple. Any advice given would be great. I plan on pairing it with a 20-40hp outboard. But all in all, a free boat with $50 in my pocket when all said and done, can't beat it!

Tight lines and stay safe everyone, glad to have found this forum!

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