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Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by evanslmtd, Apr 17, 2012.

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    My neighbor disconnected/plugged the remote oil tank on his 79', 40 HP Johnson He's going to mix the gas & oil manually. He says he gets a low oil flow alarm and the motor will only run at a low RPM. My question is, do you have any idea where the oil flow sensor/sensor's would be so he can jump them out? There's no information in the owners manual and he's been unable to find a wiring diagram on the Net.
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    When the VRO went on a 35 hp Evinrude jet, same engine block as the 40 and 50,
    the cost of replacing the pump was outrageous. Removed the VRO tank, hoses and wires.
    Removed the VRO pump, hoses and wires, then replaced it with the diaphragm pump
    for an Evinrude 48 special. I think the VRO pump was almost 300 bucks, the pump for
    the 48 special was about 40 bucks. Mixed my own 50 to 1 and never had another problem
    with the oil system.

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