Hewes Tailfisher prop question?

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by N.FL.Angler, May 20, 2014.

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    I've got a question for the experts on here, I just purchased a 2005 Tailfisher with a 60 2-Stroke Yamaha and am looking to reprop it. What 4 blades are y'all running on your Tailfishers or 17T's? Right now the boat has a 13.5 x 15 3 blade and I get 35 out of it but when I'm running I get a lot of blow outs in turns. I also tried a 13.5 x 13 that my friend had which held great But I only got 28-30 mph out of it and could get 5800 rpms which is alittle too high for me. Ideally from the performance of that four blade a little more pitch seems like it would be perfect but I wanted to try one of these Solas Amita 4's and get the right prop for cheap before I buy the ss. The only problem is that the sizes they have are 13.25x13, 13x15, 12.75x17, 12.5x19, 12.5x21, 13.75x15, 13.75x17. In y'all's opinion which one would be the best size to go with? Thanks for any suggestions.