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Heron Casting Platforms

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Id like to take a minute to introduce y'all to Heron Platforms. We are a small company owned by 3 people who not only love to be on the water but spend our time redfishing for fun and in tournaments. We feel we can deliver a quality and practical platform since it is something we use everyday. We designed these things from our experience on the water and not just a fabricator who is making a product that knows nothing about them. All 3 of us are members of the Emerald Coast Redfish Club in the Panhandle of Florida which is a non profit organization which is partners with Herons Platforms. We would like to offer our platforms to yall. We have a website that is just getting off the ground and should be functional very soon and have paypal capability. We are also looking into having our platforms powder coated for those guys looking to match their boat. If you are interested in a casting platform, poling platform, or any other inshore or flats accessories for your boat hit me up and we will see about getting you taken care of.

We are also working on a complete line of Gheenoe casting and poling platforms.

With Rod Holders $330 +tax for FL residence
Without Rod Holders $260 +tax for FL residence
Shipping extra.

Better and more pics to come.

Chase Bryant
[email protected]
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