Help with air compressor and paint spray gun

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    I want to upgrade to a smaller compressor than the big heavy bulky one that I have. I was thinking of a pancake type. I will use it mainly to spray paint[ enamel, latex, clearcoat etc]
    As well I want to get a good quality spray gun with several tips.
    I have a piece of junk KOBALT that I am about to ditch.
    I don't want to break the bank , but I want something that will last.
    I can go Lowes, Homedepot or Ebay.

    Thanks a lot

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    If you want quality equipment it won't be cheap....big surprise. Check out the mid range HVLP systems. No need for a big, heavy, bulky compressor. A pretty nice system can be had new for $500 to $1000. Shopping CL, you can probably find one for much less.

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    I personally wouldn't spray with anything less than a 25 gallon compressor. And as for a spray gun, I personally like Sata's. I have used the Devilbiss GTi Pro a bunch, too. A decent spray gun kit you can buy is the "Finishline" by Devilbiss. It's actually the gun that I use specifically for shooting kandy paint, as it shoots more evenly than any other gun I've owned, or used in the numerous body shops and shipyards I have worked at. I use different guns for different applications, depending what I am shooting. But the Finishline is a great gun for finishing. Now, if you're using it in a body shop setting where you're painting 1 car, 5 bumpers, a fender, and one front half of another car a day, the gun won't last very long. The seals will wear. But if it's a gun to use every now and then, (as I do for spraying kandy paint, as I don't spray kandy too often these days) it'll do a good job. It's affordable at about $220, with a good stainless gauge, too.

    I used to own a body shop that specialized in custom paint, specifically kandy paint on show cars. As well as do custom paint at Motion Power Boats, Renegade Power Boats, and I worked at Cigarette Racing Team, too. My opinions are simply my opinions. If there are any other professionals on here who feel otherwise, that's fine. I'm giving my professional opinion based on my experiences in the field. what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for another. I know how some guys on this forum are these days, so just making things clear ahead of time.
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    I was able to find a good Emglo pretty cheap and you can also get a used water heater real cheap also as a storage tank ...