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Little help please.....I started this post over in my post in the "Bragging Spot" with little response. I am rebuilding a Hewes Bonfisher Hull. Because of budget (and this is my first build) I am using GP poly resin and marine plywood.

I am going to bond my rear deck to this frame.....

The top layer is 4.5oz matt. My question is:  Is it sanded enough to bond the rear deck to it, or should I knock down the ridges in the matt more?

The rear deck will be encapsulated 5/8 marine ply with 4.5 oz matt on the under side and 2 layers of 1708 finished with a layer of 4.5 matt on the top. Do I need two layers of 1708 on the top? Is there something better to finish other than 4.5 oz matt? I will be putting the deck down with a marine poly bonding putty. What would be a good faring compound?

Any and all suggestions are welcome.


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If those are the ridges you are referring to in pic 3 there is no need to sand further.

1708 is pretty heavy and if it were mine I would only use 1 layer on top of two layers of mat.

One thing I would like to give you something to think about. On the top- after you are done are you planning on putting on non skid?

If so, you could skip the mat as a final layer. The 17 will leave you with a nice, easy on the knees non skid after wet out. Then just paint. You will need to be careful about amount of resin and snags because it will be the final look and any mistakes will be visible.
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