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    Alright's the deal..I need you to pimp your area

    I am opting to exchange my family's timeshare the summer of 2012 (because the baby will be 1 1/2 yr by that time) for a local in Florida (other than Daytona area)...

    What I would like to do is chase some Tarpon and/or Snook...BUT, the area needs to be family friendly, read beach and pool.

    I have really been throwing around the Keys area...for me that is a 12 hour drive (not that I am opposed to that).

    So your suggestions, thoughts, etc...

    So far, on the list:

    In the Keys:
    Key West

    Anywhere else?

    Your thoughts will be appreciated :)

    Also, if you suggest an area, what size boat would be best...I know I will have my 14' ready to roll by then...will that be too small? I may also step up to a larger boat by then, maybe...
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    Come on down to the st pete or sarasota area. Plenty of places to fish with a 14ft boat and alot easier on the walet. There is probably a great place on anna maria island for you.

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    I agree with Firecat, stop 1/2 way stay on Anna Maria. There is great water here it is laid back and you can fish for your target speices. 14' will be fine . Look me up before you get here and I will do my best to get you current info and show you where we go. ;)