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Hello from Tullahoma Tn, Riverhawk B60 Owner wanting to customize without any Fiberglass Exp...

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Hello to this fabulous forum and group of folks with a similar passion for skinny water boats, and fishing. My name is Michael. 41 years old, single with no children. I am the owner of an 04 B60 Riverhawk that I have fished and enjoyed for many years now. I am wanting to update her, and install front and rear casting decks, flat floor, poling platform, center bait well rotation to allow for more room to move from front to back, bilge etc. I have very little fiberglass experience, and the information I have found here is greatly appreciated. Intimidating, but appreciated. Oh, and I would also like to beef up the transom due to the fact that I am an easy 5'11" and 225lbs, and adding another person almost always takes up 400lbs of my load allowance right off.
I plan on getting my game plan together before even attempting any of this and would appreciate anyones input that has experience with coming up with some direction on whats most important first so I do not end up a grinding slave removing something to add something else.
I will be starting another thread asap with pictures of her now and my progression moving forward. I also will try to to video and upload the vids to youtube with a link. This will be a first for me and I am excited but slightly intimidated so we will see how things go.
I have recently relocated to Tullahoma TN from Houston TX after 8 years. I am a Nashville born Native and welcome anyone wanting a fishing parnter for a day/week/life if interested. Feel free to message me anytime. I work weekdays but with enough notice I can remedy that on occasion.. Tight Lines, and God Bless!
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Welcome, I am in the same boat as you (pun intended) going to pick up a used B60 Kingfisher this week. Going to be a winter project to get it ready for next spring. Really, want to add a center console to it, but may go with a grab bar instead. It doesn't have a motor so need to decide on that too.
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