Heavy fuel usage?

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by dmgolub, Aug 30, 2012.

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    1996 Evinrude 15 HP short shaft. Is it me, or the price of gas just hitting home? I always seemed to use very little fuel, but lately, I've noticed about a gallon per hour. And that's not WOT all the time. Some trolling, too. Can anyone think of anything to slow down the fuel usage? The engine starts on the first pull, runs real smooth, and has a good water stream through the pee hole. Each trip is costing me about $20 in gas. I use mid-grade, not the cheapest gas. The cheap gas is for my truck.
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    At WOT the 15 will burn about 1.5 gallons per hour.
    Take it back to 3/4 throttle and burn rate drops to about a gallon per hour.
    Carbed 2 strokes are very ineffecient engines. At idle only about 60% to 70%
    of fuel/oil mix is burned, at WOT the burn increases to about 92% of the fuel charge.