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Discussion in 'Photo Hut' started by skinny_water, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Finally put my first one together this morning.  I have been sitting on the pictures for a little while, looking for something with a little more range.  But for a first, it will do!

    For people that don't really understand what HDR is, I took this picture directly at the sun in partly cloudy conditions, on a white sandy beach.  In a normal image one of those would be blown out to allow you to see the back side of the Lifeguard stand.  Using HDR it allows you to balance each factor of the image.
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    Damn good first effort. Doesn't look fake at all. You're gonna get me interested in HDR if I'm not careful.
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    lol, it's not that bad really. In RAW format it takes about 15 minutes MAXIMUM for me to set a picture now that I have played with it a little bit. Best part is that you can do everything in RAW, and then save in JPEG so that you can run it through adobe programs for your watermark or croping/alignement.

    Here is the link to the FREE HDR software that I found. It works great too!

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    Looks great! I never knew that side of photography existed.