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    Cool little skiff. Not mine
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    I don't know anything about this boat. Anyone want to weigh in on price / performance??

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    They pole very shallow around 4 inches.  The Ambush is similar to the Glades Skiff but has a somewhat wider beam.  The Ambush like the Glades Skiff are great shallow water skiffs and hard to find.  Flip fished out of an Ambush for several years.  Very few Ambush where made and even fewer are listed for sale second hand.  I can't speak to the price as I have never seen one for sale.  However, that being said it seems like it is priced about right for a starting point.   
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    The Ambush was a Tom Gordon/Flip Pallot venture. It was during the limbo years of HB being in and out if business. Tom built this from scratch. While he was building Watermans out of the HB molds. When the current owners brought Tom back into HB for a few years. This was part of the deal. This is the best of my recollection.i may be wrong. Pretty close to a Glades skiff. I think that's why HB doesn't bother with it much. I think I would prefer this over a a Glades. Like Icarus said there ain't many floating around. No pun intended ;)
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    I own a Glades Skiff and have a friend that has an Ambush. The Ambush seems much more like a a full sized skiff but still floats incredibly shallow.
  6. The Ambush was built and designed by Tom Gordon and Flip when Hell's Bay was out of business.
    I owned the first production hull 001 of the Ambush. I loved the boat and it was a great skiff. Like someone else mentioned it feels more like a full size skiff.
    It poles like a dream and is dead quiet.
    I believe the "New" Glades skiff HB is currently building is the Ambush hull with a few minor tweks.
    If you look at the pictures you can see how large the trim tabs are for a skiff that size. It has a hook in the back of the hull that makes the skiff want to ride more nose up than the original glades skiff. Which is great on flat calm water. But the big tabs are needed to pull the nose back down when it gets rough. Having said that, it does ride very well in chop once you put the tabs down, but it kills your speed. I have been all over FL with my Ambush and it handled it all very well; the biggest factor in the ride is the length.

    Now that one has a 20hp on the back which is gonna only run in the mid 20s; likely topping out at about 25-26mph. I had a 25 Merc 2-stroke with a jack plate and I could only hit 30mph on flat calm water. With tabs down running rough I would hit 25-26 wot.

    If you want skinny, then thats the skiff. Anytime I got it stuck I would hop out and the water would be at the knob on my ankle. If you do some searching on here you should bea ble to find a number of threads on my old boat. There should be a bragging thread and a for sale thread around here somewhere.
  7. found the threads
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    I loved this skiff! Been all over Florida in it with Wes. The current HB Glades Skiff is the Ambush. No changes.

    I think it rode better than my 16 Waterman.

    Definitely had a hook and would run stupid skinny the way Wes had it set up. I remember one time we went way back in a cove to pole out on to the flats and have the wind and sun in the right location. It was skinny. The jack plate was riding high and the water was clean out the back. Wes backed off the throttle and trimmed her up at the same time, the middle part of the skiff bumped the bottom, and we were floating in basically nothing. I think that day I poled almost all afternoon and Wes caught slot reds on fly till we couldn't see any more. Good times.