Hardware to Reduce Dissimilar Oxidation on Jack Plate

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  1. gillz

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    This is a report from my build post:

    I picked up some aluminum angle, plate , and square tube to start putting the mini jack plate together, which I want to do before I firm up the poling platform design to make sure I can tilt the motor up without hitting it.

    Can anyone tell me in some detail how to set up the hardware to reduce the dissimilar oxidation. I tried Googling "Dissimilar Oxidation for Dummies, among other things, but nothing I found online really spells it out and I can't find the other MS posts that address it.

    Stainless bolts, yes?
    Brass Nuts or/and washers?
    Plastic Washers?
  2. Brett

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    The phrase y'er lookin' for is "galvanic corrosion".

    What you probably are looking for is a zinc anode ( sacrificial zinc).

    Avoid copper, brass or bronze when dealing with aluminum and salt water.

  3. DuckNut

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    Anode can be had cheap from a marine surplus shop.
  4. gillz

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    Thanks Brett and DuckNut. I was thinking the Zinc Anodes were for submerged parts.