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    I just had a conversation with fellow microskiff member, AP, a couple hours ago and we talked a little bit about boat hardware. I'm starting to think more about fit and finish and I'm thinking about doing a "blackout" package on my boat. I've been thinking about using two different products to get the finish that I want. Duracoat or cerakote. These are products that are used extensivly and maybe even exclusively in the firearms industry. My thought is, if these coatings can stand up to 300 degree riffle barrels and abusive fire drills then they should work fine on a boat right? PLUS, the color selection is ENDLESS! Has anyone used these products in a marine environment? I might use them on my poling platform, tie downs, and other cleats. Just a though...


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    Don't like the looks of the salt exposure testing on 2 out of 3 finishes... :'(

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    hardware - piping,such as poling platforms - a coating,just about any coating is gonna fail,except for anodizing - i've seen powder coating,fusion coating - just about every coating fail,and fail miseribly.weapons and boat hardware are 2 very different things.
    sea water - the water evaporates,and salt is left behind,salt wicks moisture - creates a "prying" effect - this is what causes the coating to fail.the every day use,it will cause wear,and nicking - these will provide a "foot hold",for the process to begin...

    the only coating i'm aware of,that will actually adhere to aluminum is a 3 step process - chemical etch prime,epoxy coating,followed by a good quality 2 part paint...