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Handheld for 10,000 islands

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does anyone use a handheld GPS for navigation the 10,000 islands. What recommendation for models would you make.
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Here's another vote for the Garmin 72... I have three of them. You can get a hardwire that's designed for the bracket and lose those battery blues.... Although the 72 does not have a chart feature, with a little study it will do darned nearly everything needed. The only data it will store (other than tides and celestial stuff) is what you actually load into it. I make a point of loading every third or fourth marker as a waypoint, and all critical gates or spots where you might get in trouble if off course. There's lots of other little tricks (I used to teach a short free course on the topic with West Marine) that will improve you day... Chief among them is the trip log. If you re-set it at the end of every day you'll have an accurate measure of distances run each day (and that will let you figure your precise fuel consumption...). The little machine is very accurate, within thirty feet most days....
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