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Handheld for 10,000 islands

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does anyone use a handheld GPS for navigation the 10,000 islands. What recommendation for models would you make.
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The screens on the hand helds are not that big.
Hard to read any detail when back in the creeks,
for general location they're pretty useful.
I do like my Garmin, but if the batteries die
there's still a compass and full size hardcopy charts aboard.

I wish I could recommend Garmin but I'm on my forth product failure in a row - 4 separate purchases, 4 different products. The e-mails I receive from Garmin imply that I'm not capable of mastering the "on" switch. ::) Tech support seems to be a generic canned response. FWIW, tech support does not seem to have a generic response for "don't worry about it, your competitor's product is working fine" ;D ;D ;D At least with e-mail, I didn't have to press "1 for English" ;D ;D

Having said that my Garmin 478 failed just before I went to Choco so I pulled out my trusty 76Cxs with the downloads and it worked well. I still have my original 76 and it works as well as it did the day I got it. So, if you want something reliable, the handhelds are what have historically worked for me.
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