Hand held GPS?

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    I do alot of fishing out in Flamingo Biscayne Bay etc. I never really used a GPS. I am looking into fishing more in the backcountry and 10,000 islands. What handheld GPS would be best?
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    I asked a similar question a while back and everyone kept saying stick with Garmin. I decided to go play with a few at the stores and after seeing how crappy some of the other guys were built, especially lowrence, I decided on a Etrex venture HCx.
    Problem with Garmins is the really crappy base map that is built into them, they want you to buy there map chips, but a quick search on the net saved me $150. Here is the other topic where I show you how to get the free maps.


    The Mapsource program the Garmins use is easy to learn and easy to use when plotting a trip. As far as the GPS unit itself is concerned, it works very well and is really accurate, I'd say it's never more then maybe 10-15ft off. Hope this helps some.