Hampton Roads micro skiff owners

Discussion in 'Virginia, Northern East Coast' started by Grant Delorenzo, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Grant Delorenzo

    Grant Delorenzo Active Member

    I am in the Chesapeake/VA Beach are and looking to purchase a ~14" skiff. If anyone is within a reasonable drive, Id appreciate a chance to learn a little and take a test ride.

    I currently fish and cruise off of a Hobie Tandem Island as well as have a Live watersports l4 Expedition paddle board with a 3.5hp gas outboard (micro-micro).

    Love to get together!

  2. JakeM

    JakeM Well-Known Member

    Grant. VA BCH/Hampton area doesn't have a much a skiff following from what I have seen. I have lived there for 15 years and have only seen one or two on 64 or 264. I had to go to Charleston to pick mine up. A little closer option would be Wilmington, NC. I have seen quite a few ads for some around there. Probably not much help at all, but coming from the area I know the difficulty of trying to find one. Mitzi skiffs are out of NC, and there is definitely a use for a skiff around the area. Good luck and if you have anymore question please reach out.


  3. Fred land

    Fred land Well-Known Member

    Grant, I'm in Virginia beach near Lynnhaven Inlet. Using a Santee for the backwaters and freshwater rivers nearby.. Welcome to take a ride or look it over.
  4. JakeM

    JakeM Well-Known Member

    I’m back in town and going to grab my boat next weekend. My neighbor said the specs are around so I’m gonna try and get out a couple times
  5. Eventide

    Eventide Member

    I am new to the area(Chesapeake) and was looking for something for a while. I finally settled on a 15.5’ Riptide Mini Rip with a 20hp Tohatsu 4 stroke. They are built down in Mt. Pleasant, SC. They are hard to find used so if you see one go take a look. I doing some minor electrical work but pm me if you wanna come take a look at mine.
  6. Looking at building my own and have been purchasing plans for different builds.
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  7. I just started building a 14' Chalmette from Spira this week. I was tired of the used boat market being shit right now.
  8. Hey guys, I’m new to the area originally from the gulf coast. I currently do not have a boat and have been downgraded to a kayak... If anyone is looking for someone who will split fuel, pole a boat and fly fish let me know.