SOLD/EXPIRED Guns, Bow, Treestand

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    2008 Bowtech 101st Airborne Bow
    ~29” Draw
    ~ 70lb limbs
    ~ Velvet finish, soft to touch and quiet
    ~ Trophy Taker Drop away rest
    ~ Montana Black Gold Sight w/ .019 pins
    ~ Peep sight, D-loop, hand loop
    ~ A couple Carbon Express Maxima 350 arrows
    ~ Probably used for 200-300 shots so plenty of life left in the string
    ~ Plastic travel case

    Thompson Center Omega X7 Muzzleloader
    ~ 50 Caliber
    ~ Cheap cabelas scope 2.5x-7x
    ~ Claw Strap
    ~ Very lightweight, good looking blackpowder gun
    ~ Near perfect condition, a little surface imperfections near front sight...may buff out?

    Marlin 336W 30/30 Rifle
    ~ Very clean rifle in great shape.
    ~ Cheap shoulder strap
    ~ Has rail for scope rings/scope

    Mossberg 535 Turkey Gun
    ~ 12 Gauge 20” Barrel takes up to 3.5” shells
    ~ Accuchoke XX-Full screw in choke
    ~Camo Realtree Hardwoods finish on stock and barrel, synthetic thumbhole stock
    ~ Redhead camo cloth/leather strap
    ~ Very clean, perfect condition

    Dosko Sport case for scoped rifle
    ~Cloth/plastic carry case
    $60/$40 w/ gun

    API climbing treestand
    ~ Very well used but still safe/functional
    ~ Has faded camo/felt covering on floor section
    ~ Padded shoulder straps
    ~ Lightweight, full shooting rail

    Email me for pictures and I’ll get them sent over to you: nomotorguide (at) yahoo (dot) com

    I live in Davenport (Central FL) but go to school in east Orlando and fish Tampa a couple days a week so I’m willing to meet someplace between there.
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    Treestand sold.


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    Still have the bow, blackpowder gun, and rifle.

    I'll be in Miami over Thanksgiving.

    OBO for everything, I'd like to get rid of it instead of move it across the country again this spring.