Gunnels w/ Rod Holders - Project Questions

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by kbuch312, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. kbuch312

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    Yeah, I know there are leaves in the boat.  I wanted to cover that before someone pointed it out.

    2001 Smitty Skiff w/ 30HP Tohatsu outboard.  Boat is very basic, and serve me and my family well as a luggage and bike carrier when we venture south to either Florida or Texas for vacations and family visits.  Serves well as a fishing platform after the stuff is unloaded.

    I amconsidering building new rod holders and a gunnel cap along first the port rail, and maybe the starboard rail at some point in the future. 
    Will someone please make suggestion of the better material available to do such a project?  It will be finished off to the best of my ability, as close to the current hull finish as possible. 

    Thanks in advance for anyone's response.

    Kevin B.
    St. Louis, MO

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  2. Brett

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    The setup you have now looks fine.
    Why do you want to add a cap to the gunnel?

  3. kuzus

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    If you decide to build the cap, build it out of marine plywood, then fiberglass it in.
  4. kbuch312

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    My main objective is to better protect rods in the rack. As it is, they are simply exposed and unprotected. If set back under a gunnel cap, I feel they would be a less likely to be damaged in the event one of the kids takes a bad step, or if a cooler or such slid across the deck.
    The other hope, is to run a remote line to place the fuel in the bow area to better balance the boat. Lastly, this would allow me to run wiring for lights and keep it clean.

    Your comments are appreciated.

    Kevin B.
  5. Brett

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    Understood Kevin, structurally a rolled edge skiff needs no cap.
    But to protect the rods and create an area to hide cables and hoses,
    yeah it makes sense. Plywood will work and is inexpensive as well.
  6. flyfisheraa573

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    Kevin, I can completely understand your reasoning...I recently had a TFO fly rod broken, by a clumsy person in my boat!!!
  7. B.Lee

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    Oh, a blank slate!

    Rod racks and gunwale caps would be relatively easy to add on. I'd first do away with the PVC racks. Go buy a sheet of quality 1/2" plywood to start. Build some racks/frames to suite your style/ability. Cover with a gunwale cap/deck, add some cockpit coaming, and you're in business. Sounds simple huh?

    Build the frames...

    Glue them in place...

    Install some cleats to support the cap...

    Glue down the cap...

    I'll get a pic of the coaming in place for reference.

    Relatively simple project for a big gain in functionality. More info in the pic captions here, and more pics coming.