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Grommet for running wire through bulkhead

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I have a Conchfish with split rear boxes. I need to run trim tab wires and micro power pole wires from port side rear box to starboard. Should I just get a small rubber grommet and clear silicone? I see Blue Seas makes a Cable Clam, I was thinking about using that on the starboard box since it will also have to allow a gas line and motor wires through as well. I think I remember the TH Marine wiring boot allowing water to seep in. Any products I’m overlooking?
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I think of brands like Roxtec as the best, but they are wildly expensive, and bulky. The way they install is pretty slick though, since they can go over pretty much any plug and still clamp on a small diameter cable.

You can get "cord grips" or "cable glands", but the problem with many of them is that you will need to install it on the wire before you put a terminal end on, unless the terminal/plug is smaller than the wire. I think that the Blue Sea one is like that, although it might be a 2 piece, I'm not sure.

I also thought about "through-panel" terminal blocks. Basically the compromise would be adding junctions (points of failure) into the system, in return for waterproofing.

**edit** -- actually, it looks like Roxtec has some more affordable options out now. I will very likely end up with their product somewhere on my skiff.
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