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Greetings from the Gulf coast!

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Hello all!

I grew up fishing in mason creek around Homosassa and learned quick how hard the bottom is and how shallow the creeks can be.

I’ve been browsing this site since I was in middle school in anticipation of one day purchasing an old hull and turning it into my dream microskiff.

Yesterday I pulled the trigger and purchased a 1966 Johnson 14’.

I can’t wait to start hacking away at it to prep for new decks and accessories. My intentions are to build it out like the skimmer or ankona skiff.

Attached are some images of the boat directly from the craigslist ad. Stay tuned for tons of questions and opportunities to give advice!


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Yep, I've done 2 of those in the past, tho newer. They make a great lil skiff when done.

Welcome aboard and take a look in the "Bragging" section of microskiff and then do a search on Johnsen Skiffs and you will see quite a few rebuilds, step by step.
Welcome aboard, I am right around the corner if ya need any pointers just let me know! Little busy right now with a couple builds but would be more than happy to look over your project as you go and keep you pointed in the right direction. I buy my materials in bulk so if you need anything let me know and I’ll help you out there too, James

PS, if you grew up here, I probably know you or your parents lol!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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