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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TomFL, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. TomFL

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    You really need to read AT LEAST paragraph 1 and 2...
  2. noeettica

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    Thanks Tom I Have Been Saying this for Years !

  3. Gramps

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    So do my Costa's count as designer glasses?  Well even if they may be, they are a world better than my $10 flea market pair.

    Either way, thanks for the info Tom!
  4. Swamp

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    Yeah, we run into problems with "cheap" sun glassed. We need lenses that are designed to cut glare and reflection (on the inside of the lens), not just polarized. But you can still pick up $20 Flyingfishermans that work reasonably well. Some people get a headache from lenses that are not optically correct. Me I happen to like my $80 Costas, but I can't justify $300-$400 versions. Now if I made a living with them and they helped or protected better, I'd jump on it.
  5. mark_gardner

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    this story was out a month ago and agree that you dont need to break the bank to get a decent pair of shades. i dont know about you guys but its like the kiss of death for me to spend big money on shades that i'll lose or break long before the cheaper ones experience the same fate :-[
  6. Charlie

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    I find that the expensive ones tend to be made of GLASS instead of plastic. This seems to make a big difference in durability. I've had the same pair of Amber Hobies for 6+ years, and in the same time destroyed many cheep glasses (probably 10 at least) So $20 a pair makes 200 dollars in cheep glasses, which outprices the Hobies. That's the difference to me. Does anyone else find that to be true?
  7. Swamp

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    I've found that I tend to destroy (mostly scratch up) enough $20 glasses to at least equal the cost of a mid range pair in the time it take for me to destroy a mid range pair. It's at least a wash, but the optics of the mid range is just so much better. I can wear them all day and not get a head ache.
  8. cvilt

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    I have worn cheap polarized fit overs for years. Until last year my wife would not go out with me wearing them. She said I am too young for Sun City.LOL. She made me buy prescription polarized and they are more comfortable and 200 bones more but I don't SEE a difference myself other than $$$$