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    In an earlier post (Bearing Buddy Problems) I talked about a problem that I had with my grease gun not coming off my bearring buddy fittings and actually pullinn the guts out of one to get it off. The trailer manufacturer recommended that I get one that had a fitting with a sort of pressure release (slide type) mechanism on the end. I've looked at Pep Boys and some of the other automotive stores but can't find anything like this. Does anyone know where something like this can be found or have had similar problems. I sure don't want to mount my new bearing buddies on the trailer and have the same problem!
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    Another question that had me thinking... ;)

    I don't think I've ever seen a manually controlled locking tip.
    They've all been push on till it clicks in place, pull to remove.
    What I have seen is different types of internal jaws on the coupler.
    A 4 jaw coupler might be all you need to get and install on your existing gun.
    It's not the gun that needs replacing, just the tip.

    Brands that come to mind are Alemite, Plews, Lincoln and Lubrimatic.
    (that's what I found in my tool collection),or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=eaa70d61e92b583

    Test the fitting with your gun before installing on the trailer.
    If it works, that should eliminate any future worries.

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    There are two tricks to try: If you rotate or turn the nozzle when you are pulling it should allow the springs inside the head to slip over the head of the zerk instead of grabbing. The other is if your head is a two piece head loosen the two pieces slightly until it relieves some of the pressure on the spring inside the head. The head pieces on some guns are two pieces and screw together to hold the wire spring in place and loosening it a bit relieves some of the tension.