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Go with the largest you can afford. My reasong for this is back in the day I had a 3in or 3.5 in screen and it worked fine. I was let's say 37 now I'm 47 and I wear progressive or bifocals as they once were called. My Long distance vision is spot on. My up close vision for reading is dependent on my glasses. If I loose my glasses on the water I'm blind except for reading anything but the largest of screens. I tend to prepare for the unexpected. And if that's your reasoning go as big as your budget will allow. Forget what people might say it's too big if they have no clue what your vision is they're just talking. Try reading one as your running in a chop and you have to hold your head at the precise angle to see the screen through the lower part of your glasses the bifocal area. Bigger is better IMHO.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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