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Discussion in 'Power it up with Electronics' started by david_saito, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. david_saito

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    I have a 14 skimmer skiff and am going to be purchasing a gps/fishfinder combo this week. I was eyeing the lowrance elite 5 hdi gold. I have found it with the transducer for $387. Does any else have any recommendations for that price range ?
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    Thats a good unit. I just installed one on a friends boat for him. He paid $329 off ebay, 50/200khz xducer, no gold chip. I have the predecessor, elite 5 dsi, with gold chip. Works like a champ, especially if you bass fish and use it to locate cover, you can actually see individual strands of hydrilla. The gold chips are not true navionics gold chips. They are a hybrid Lowrance/Navionics product. Not updateable and not as good as true navionics chips. Better than nothing I reckon but I wouldnt pay more than $50 bucks for the chip.

    My recommendation would be to get one with the 83/200 transducer instead of the 50/200. 83/200 is better for shallow water (<200') and the transducer is smaller. The 50/200 transducer and bracket are huge.

    The GPS part of the unit is typical, more than adaquate for normal nav, trails, marking spots etc.