SOLD/EXPIRED Good deal on cheap spinner/rod

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    Went to West Marine to look for a cheap setup for the grand kids and for the occasional novices that go fishing with me. They had a Daiwa rod and spinning reel marked down from $45 to $35. I bought it. I took it out with me on Monday and used it just to see if it would be appropriate. It actually worked great, and was a much better rig than the $20 stuff that I had previously bought from Wal-Mart. It only took one outing for one of the kids to destroy the WM rod, and I fished it a bit and thought the WM reel sucked. Funny thing, though, I was in a Walgreens yesterday on A1A in Daytona and they had the same Daiwa rod and reel for $24.99! So, if you need a cheap setup for the kids, grand kids, novices, etc., check it out.

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