Glastron GT 160 Flats Skiff Project

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by Moxdawg, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Moxdawg

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    I have a friend that wants to build a flats skiff for me. We were looking through some old hulls that he has and ran across a Pre-1975 Glastron GT 160. He would completely gut it and put in new stringers (not wood), front and rear casting deck and a small center console. I would like it to run 30 to 35 mph with a Yamaha 40 2 stroke. He also mentioned putting a small pad in the rear of the hull.  It does look to have a lot of deadrise, which I guess would mean more draft.  I just don't know a lot about hull design and their affect on stability and draft.  I have supplied a few pics of the boat model to show the shape of the hull. The only specs on the original hull were:
    Length - 16'2"
    Beam - 76"
    Transom width - 76"
    Capacity - 1,200 lbs.
    Things I am concerned about:

    Hull slap
    Draft (I want something that will pole in 8")

    Any comments would be appreciated.


  2. Brett

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    Just looking from chine to chine she'll draft more than 8 inches.

  3. rkmurphy

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    No experience but I would agree. The V is too pronounced.
  4. tom_in_orl

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    Too much V. That hull is built to be a go fast boat. Look for something with a flatter bottom.
  5. Moxdawg

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    Thanks guys. I will try to find something with less V. On another note, how can you tell if a certain hull will or will not have hull slap?
  6. evanslmtd

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    A good rule of thumb is....the harder/sharper the chine, the more it'll slap.
  7. Brett

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    I was going to say waves cause hull slap.
    Calm water, no slap, now I'm curious

    Did a little digging and reading....
    Any hard chine or edge above the water line will produce
    a slap when it intersects an oncoming wave.
    If the chine or edge is below the waterline, no problem.
    That explains why the Slipper is so quiet on the flats
    with 2 people aboard,or if I pole from the bow
    the bow rocker and chines become submerged,
    no chance to slap. Learned something. thanks.
  8. B.Lee

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    I hope that's not the exact boat you guys planned ot shop up, it's too cool to butcher! Skiffs are cool, but so are old school go fasts!

    It'll draft too much, like everyone else said. Keep looking.