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Glasser Wrightwater help!?!!

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Hey all. Recently sold my Gheenoe LT25 and the wife and I are currently shopping for our first “real” boat. It’s between a Pathfinder 17t (a friend has one and my wife loves running around Mosquito Lagoon in it) and a Glasser Boatworks Wrightwater 16.

Can anyone give me pricing info on the Wrightwater? Even ballpark numbers would be fine. I ran the Dinghy Derby alongside their 12 for most of the day and fell in love, but since I need room for my wife, daughter, and myself we needed bigger than 12’.

Boat will be used for shallow water exploring with the family and inshore/flats fishing by my wife and I. I really want to go with the Glasser but I’m afraid the pricing is crazy since it’s so hard to get pricing info.


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Had a friend with a Pathfinder late 90’s model maybe 2000. Nothing about it I cared for. My balls still hurt from one trip with 6inch chop. Although it ran shallow. I’m really liking the Glasser, but have seen pictures only. Of course I found my BT in an old black and white advertisement picture back in 05. Went on a test ride and bought an 06.
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