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Gladesmen with new 15HP 4 stroke Yamaha prop Q~

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Great little skiff. Definitely do the hip shake boogie up front while on the casting deck, but gets in deep and takes care of biz.

Just threw on the 2013 Yamaha and it has the stock aluminum prop, which seems fine.

Getting two different camps of advice from friends, some say stay with aluminum since I am always in super shallow water, oyster beds as well....and that it will "give" with the bottom during contact, won't thread/strip the shaft..and that if I got a steel prop it might...any experience with this for a very light skiff and low HP motor would be appreciated.
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Honestly, if you know your waters then there is really no substitute for a stainless prop. You would know better than anyone else how often you run into unknown areas and hit bottom. I vote for stainless. I run a four blade on my Gman, cupped with a jack plate and I've never had an issue..
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