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Link take you the the ad on the FS forum. :cool:


Your HPX sure would be a welcome part of my little fleet. ;)  Too bad the timing is what it is. :-[


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In one word, AWESOME!! It is the best riding skiff in its class. I actually think it rides almost as good as my old 18.5 MA. Only difference is the length of the two boats. It really is an awesome riding boat. That is the true reason I had decided not to sell it. I was in Tampa bay and the seas chopped up real nice. I took off from 4th st. flats into the seas to Gandy to pick up my dad. Never got wet and ran 35 mph the entire time. I was in love again.

But then I took out my daughter twice the next two weekends and realized that I needed to be less selfish and buy a bay boat for the family. The decision was made easier since I have a Gladesmen on the way for purely selfish fishing.

Hope this helps.

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