Ghost Stories...Anybody Got Some?!?

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    So one of my favorite thing in the world are folk/ ghost stories. So I was wondering if anyone had any good ones! Fire away. I'll start us out with one called "Tailybone".
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    I swear I've been haunted by the spirit of "Tailing Bones" since last Halloween.

    Look for the thread "halloween ghost hunt" from halloween 2009. lol
    The day I caught my first bonefish. lol
    Boy, were they tailing in numbers that day!

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    So in the back woods of North Flordia, the Pensicola area to be more exact, lived an old Flordia Cracker. The Old Cracker never went any where near civilization, and the only human contact he ever had was with the occasional hunter that visited him for his herbal tea when in the back woods, and to day hi to his two dogs Lulu and Lucy.

    One night he was sitting by his fire place cooking up his days catch of a meager cat fish, when he heard a scrathing noise coming from under his cabin near the hole in his floor. He looked over to see a sharp pair of claws and a fox like muzzel sticking through the hole. Seeing the claws he through "those could put a hurt on a body" and he picked up his axe. Just then the "creature" pulled itself into the room. It looked like a raccon and a monkey and a gator had mated. It was a scragaly thin creature with big red eyes and long arms with sharp claws. At its back side it had a huge meaty tail.

    The Old Cracker lifted his axe into the air and bellowed "NICE TO HAVE YOU FOR DINNER" as he let it fly across the room right into the creatures tail. It screamed, and ran, leaving it's severed tail withering behind on the cabin floor.

    The Old Cracker picked up the tail, and was about to throw it out, when his stomach grumbled and he remembered he only had a tiny catfish for dinner.So he gave the fish to his dogs and fried up the tail and gobbled the whole thing down. It tasted mightly fine, or so I'm told.

    As he was finishing, he heard the same scrathing noise outside. He was going to just ignore it when the Old Cracker suddenly heard "Tailybone, Tailybone, I want my Tailybone..."

    It was an inhuman sound, one that made his blood crutel.

    "Get outa here!" Shouted the Old Cracker as he picked up his axe an banged it against the door. He heard a shuffeling sound, and then the russelling of underbrush. However, he also could have SWORE he heard a faint "I'll gets my Tailybone back".

    This made him a little nervious. So when he heard the scrathing agian, and the now all to familiar "Tailybone, Tailybone, I want my Tailybone!" at his door, he called for his dogs.

    "Lulu, Lucy, go get that critter for dinner" he said as he opened the door. The dogs barked and started chasing the creature. But after a while the Old Cracker suddenly noticed the back woods had gone all quite agian, and he couldn't here his dogs any more. "they got it connered up somewhere" He figured, and went off to back.

    Later that night the old cracker heard the scrathing noise again, but this time it was at his bedroom door. "Tailybone, tailybone, I WANTS MY TAILYBONE" it said. The door swung open just then, and the only thing the Old Cracker could make out in the middle of the night was a pair of red glowing eyes.

    The Old Cracker tried to get out of his bed, but the creature was on top of him and holding him down before he could move a finger. It leaned down real close and said

    "Tailybone, Tailybone, I wants my tailybone"

    "Bu-u-u-utttt I don-nnn-tt gooot y-oo-oo ttttttai-ily bone....."

    "YES YOU DO!"
    It shouted as it ripped the Old Cracker throut open with one swipe of it's claws.

    The next day one of the hunter came over to the Old Cracker house for some of his herbal tea. When he entered the house he saw the grizily remains of the Old Cracker. After getting a buddy from town, the two hunters sorted out all of the Old Crackers bone, and found all of them before they were scared away from his house by the most frightening noise. They were unable to find the Old Crackers tailbone, but figured it was because some raccon had run off with it.

    Oh yeah, and the terrifying sound they heard was an unearthly high pitch crying/ laughing that they could have sworn said "Tailybone, Tailybone, now I GOTS my tailybone".... :eek:
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    There was a "spirit" in my old city house

    I had a group of Pentecostals throw some oil around say some stuff ...pass out ... Problem solved ...

    I Hope !

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    I don't know if this qualifies or not. It's not really scary

    I owned a house built in the '40s and sometimes at night you could hear jazz playing. The good old stuff, not the newer feel goody stuff. It was really faint and you could only hear it sometimes at night laying in bed. I checked every where around the house and outside to try and hear it, nothing. I thought it might be from across the street so I asked the neighbor if he ever heard it and he never did. My wife never heard it, not even while I could hear it.

    Later I rented the house out to some people we knew. A few years after they moved out of it I was talking with the woman about that old house and she mentioned the jazz playing at night. Kind of like "I think that house is haunted" matter of factually. She was kind of surprised when I told her I heard it too. Her husband and daughter could never hear it when she did.
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    That's really cool! Not the worst ghost to have. It could have been heavy metal music ;D