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  1. Bissell

    Bissell Priceless!

    Found this today :(
  2. TheBrazilNut

    TheBrazilNut Guest

    So I guess you sold your Gheenoe? Did you get something else?

  3. AfterHours2

    AfterHours2 Stripper in my own Mind!

    Guess I know now where you got all your ideas from for your NMZ ;D About the time you think you have something original, something comes along that looks similiar. Your NMZ is still nicer though....
  4. Bissell

    Bissell Priceless!

    The one in the link above is actually my 2nd nmz, I sold it befor I could finish it, the green one I have now has alot of the same ideas.. I just wish my blue one would find a good home to someone that can put it to good use. Someone offered me cash for the green one last week but I turned them down as I won't let this one go so easily.
  5. kamakuras

    kamakuras Well-Known Member

    I was looking at this NMZ. What was left undone and are there anythings that needed fixing or problems that you know of with it?
  6. Bissell

    Bissell Priceless!

    It's been through 3 owners since I sold it, the transom is full composite, custom to order.. And I never got to far into the rigging befr I got rid of it, where it sits now I have no clue. I consider it the "sister" boat to my green one ;)