Gheenoe grab bar?

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by ssramage, Aug 1, 2013.

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    I just recently purchased a 1988 Gheenoe 15' to use for the purpose of duck hunting. For now I have a 5hp Mercury that I'm putting on it and will be rigging up a tiller extension. I'd like to put a grab bar on the boat, but would need one that attaches to the side and the livewell. Does anyone have pictures of grab bars like this, specifically the points where it attaches? I have a pipe bender and welder and could possibly fab something up, just not sure how to attach it.

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    I'd think a Strongarm Products Sissy Stick would be perfect. It would not take up much floor space, an important consideration when moving around in a boat full of hunting gear, yet it would still provide the stability you are looking for. Gheenoes flex a lot, so you'll probably have to beef up the mounting surface with a block of Starboard. You'd have to mount on a vertical face of a bench or coffin box. There are no other vertical surfaces unless you get very creative. If you bolt though a vertical face into a sealed floation compartment like the bench seats, you have to both seal the hell out of it AND allow for drainage. Water will find a way in over time and the flotation will soak it up.