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Up for sale is my gheenoe. It looks great from 10 or 15 feet, but the previous owner did a lousy job painting it. The transom is good and solid, and the bench seats are great. There is a livewell/cooler in the middle(not plumbed for a pump or anything), and it does have an aluminum rub rail and also has a plug. The fiberglass is in good shape, with no patches or anything like that. It does not leak a drop. Included are two outboards. One is an 80's Yamaha 2.5hp that runs like a top and scoots the boat along pretty well. The other is a 9hp clinton (probobly an early 70's engine) that currently does not run(no spark). Also included is the trailer, but the trailer needs wheels. THERE ARE NO WHEELS THAT FIT!. You will need two wheels that are 8", with a 4x4 bolt pattern. The trailer is pretty rough, but I did just swap in a shortened 2000lb axle. The old axle rusted out, and I swapped the bigger axle in, but the 12" wheels that I have for the bigger axle will not fit on the trailer. I am basically selling this for the gheenoe and outboard, but you must take the second outboard and trailer. If you can fix the 9hp, its worth at least $300 which would be a pretty good return on the investment. I will be at work until 5pm, and after that I will show it. Call me anytime though.
I'm in NE St.Pete
Please dont PM me, I dont check them too often, just call!
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